Ignite Your Irresistible Impact

With a 6-Day Luxe Business Retreat

Discover How to Liberate Your Truthful Voice, Using Video & Your Message... 

So That You Can Attract More Clients, Money & Abundance!

With Monika (Nika) Mundell & Sue-Ellen Cordon

Nika's zone of genius is creating profitable (+ fun) marketing strategies and crafting your message in a way that moves your audience into action and fills your bank account with location-freedom lifestyle dollars—she's coached thousands of women (+ men) worldwide, helping them skyrocket profits, sell out their offerings and increase their impact & influence.

Sue-Ellen has a flair for helping you fully express yourself naturally in front of a video camera, no matter how nervous you feel. She captures your most powerful magnetic presence with ease and unpacks your wisdom with heart, helping you get the the recognition and visibility you crave (+ deserve).

Gorgeous Soul
It’s Time for You to...

Awaken your COURAGEOUS spirit,
Illuminate your BRILLIANCE, and
Ignite your IRRESISTIBLE IMPACT, with Effortless Confidence!

So that you can…

Create videos with impact and magnetic presence... 

Write marketing blurbs that convert shoppers into raving fans
without hype and feeling resistance...

Fully express yourself by speaking and writing...

Own your message with graceful ease and flow...

And get the recognition you want and deserve.

Darling heart, it's time for you to...

Tap into your Fearless Leader,
Get Visible,


Get paid for your genius and be financially free, 

Doing what you LOVE!

JOIN US + 5 of Your Soul Sistars for a Magical
6-Day "Irresistible Impact" Business Retreat in Adelaide, Australia

Retreat Dates & Price
Adelaide, SA Australia

This is an Application-Only Retreat for Women in Business... 

Who want to leverage their skills and expertise with more ease and flow.

Ends in...


LIMITED Spaces (4 max)
0 Spots Left
Apply Now for Our NEXT Irresistible Impact Adelaide Retreat IN APRIL 2019

Ready to get massive traction by the way of focused ACTION in your business?

Sometimes we have business goals that keep getting pushed back, life gets in the way, other priorities come up.

Days, months and years seem to disappear in the blink of an eye.

It’s easy to get stuck in the marketing, messaging and technology of business…

Leaving you frustrated, lonely and wanting more help than you’re comfortable asking.

That’s why Monika (Nika) Mundell and Sue-Ellen Cordon joined forces to facilitate the Irresistible Impact Retreat.

To help women go from stuck and caught in overwhelm to inspired action—with clarity and purpose.

Let Go of the Struggle
And take a Quantum Jump! 
Let us show you how…

The Irresistible Impact Retreat offers you 6 days of intense action, moving you forward with intent.

Bring your computer, write down your goal, roll your sleeves up, and together Nika & Sue-Ellen will help you achieve YOUR personal business goal.

Nika is a wiz at strategy, messaging and sales with integrity… helping you get clarity about your message, make peace with technology, build profitable client attraction systems and launch offers that sell

As the Business & Messaging Alchemist™ she's helped clients exceed their launch goals, bank multiple 6 figure profits with one campaign in weeks, sell out offers and grow their residual income. Her genius comes out to play when she helps you craft your marketing message.

Sue-Ellen brings the Video training and camera confidence, helping you express your message on video in a way that powerfully moves your audience to connect with you.

You CHOOSE what to focus on for 6 days, and we coach, mentor and work with you to get you the results you DESIRE.

We LIMIT the retreat to 4 women, therefore the 1:1 mentoring from 2 facilitators is consistent and omnipresent, giving you the help you need.

This retreat is one part marketing and one part self care.

And you’ll be pampered by John, our 5-Star live-in chef.

You’ll be able to connect to your truth and access your wisdom with our QUANTUM growth sacred circles.

It's time for you to make business more fun, less stressful.

More can-do, less procrastination.

But really, you also want to skyrocket profits & live the life you've always envisioned!

Why NOT! It's possible.

Enjoy 6 days of love + laughter, 

With soul sistars who “get” you, and design the profitable business you want + LOVE.

  • Scale your business to the next level so that you can have the time and money freedom you deserve.

  • Get recognition of YOU, so that people see and appreciate who you truly are... a gorgeous soul and skilled business woman who has been hiding because she’s been afraid to show up and play to her true strengths.

  • Connect with like-minded women who, like you are building their FUN freedom business to make a difference.
irresistible impact retreat 2018

Our Irresistible Impact Retreat in Adelaide, Feb 2018 was a smashing success! Quantum leaps were made by all attendees.

business retreat in adeliade 2019
adelaide business retreat 2019

Design your FUN, freedom business!

Retreat with like-minded women and prepare to... 

  • Awaken your courageous spirit and unleash your truth so that you can claim the spotlight with irresistible impact.
  • Eliminate doubt, overwhelm and procrastination from your vocabulary, once and for all.
  • Create business magik with the help of like-minded women who are hurting just like you do and who are ready to get different results in 2019 and beyond.
  • Have the business and lifestyle you actually wanted all along... that lets you wake up excited each morning, ready to share and grow exponentially.
  • Eat finger-licking morsels of fine wholesome food and watch glorious sunsets, while you sip a glass of chilled Chardonnay, surrounded by a small intimate group of soul sistars in a picture-perfect setting.
  • Be drawn to the magnetic charms of Adelaide; with its endless beaches, picture-perfect lifestyle,  sparkling sunsets and magical nature.

Experience joy, friendship + fun.
Discover HOW


Please join us for the 6-Day "Irresistible Impact" Business Retreat

In beautiful Adelaide, Australia

Walk away with your personal and practical, 12-months

Fun-to-market, profitable passion business plan

Experience what it feels like to have a business that gets

You so obsessed that you can’t wait to create + share

Retreat Dates:

(6 days)


Ends in...

LIMITED Spaces (4 max)
0 Spaces Left


Plan to arrive on _________ at the retreat location—between 8 and 8:45am. The exact location will be revealed to you closer to the date.

If required, we will pick you up from the airport and shuttle you to the retreat location (or organise a shuttle for you).

The retreat starts on ________ at 9am

And concludes after a celebration dinner on __________, 2019 (around 9pm). 

If you fly in and out of Adelaide you're welcome to stay at the retreat location on the last night of the ____. Book your return flight for _____, so that we can spend the last night of the retreat together and enjoy the magic for all its worth. 

If you live locally then you will probably want to leave on the night of the ____ after our celebration  dinner. 

We will shuttle you to the airport on _________, after a last sumptuous breakfast. 

If we can’t drop you off in person we will organise an airport shuttle for you instead.

INCLUDED in the retreat: are all meals, 6 full retreat days, retreat accommodation, shuttle to and from the airport, trainings, workshops, 1:1 time with Monika & Sue-Ellen, your video know how and presence, and your business brand's strategy and marketing message.

Walk away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of training, new skills, 1:1 time, marketing materials and extra goodies that will propel you into the spotlight. 

0 Spots Left 

What Retreat Attendees Said About Our First Ever "Irresistible Impact" Retreat...


The “Irresistible Impact Retreat” is right for you if…

You are a woman in business who wants to scale up and become the industry leader and go-to expert.

You are courageous, driven, intuitive, spiritual, passionate, fun to be with, and a visionary with a big heart who came here to serve.

You yearn for more freedom + time with your loved ones and have a strong desire to indulge your passions.

You need help to make marketing your business way more fun + profitable.

You’re ready to finally get recognised for your brilliance.

You want to belong to a special tribe of soul sisters.

What Clients Said...

 Elizabeth Smith 


I have worked with Monika on many occasions to support me: she has helped me with my copy, my website and coaching for my business. If you’re looking to pick her brains and work with her, don’t hesitate because Nika has so many talents!

Whenever I need advice with sales pages, my marketing message, sales funnels and techie stuff Monika can help. She has heaps of experience on all of this herself (she really is an expert!), so is miles ahead and built up so much know-how and wisdom, which she very generously shares.

On top of her business capabilities, copy talents and technical know-how she is also a fantastic listener, understands the problems real quick, gets to the point, will tell you what she thinks and gives you authentic feedback (she really doesn’t beat around the bush).

That is what I like about Monika so much. I can always count on Monika as she is incredibly reliable and so dedicated to her work and her customers. To add to all this is the fact that she really does sparkle, and walks her talk. I love working with Monika. To me she is an inspiration and motivator, a bull-shit detector and accountability partner. Nika is great to be able to connect with, and have a good laugh all at the same time.

 Susan Faber 


Thank you for rocking my world Nika. I feel like I am actually understood in a way others don't seem to get about me.  

I love the direction you offer during our coaching sessions; pulling me back into the action plan with specifics, rather than just looking at the big picture which tends to make me lose focus.  

What I LOVE about working with you is that you give clear directions. Other coaches I have worked with were way too vague and never really answered my questions in as much detail as you do.

You really know your soul craft and I can recommend you to any woman in business who is lost, needing direction and clarity around making their business more VISIBLE.

You’ll walk away with:

A powerful EMOTIONAL CHARGE TOOL to help you tap your genius on command

... Because overwhelm is so not sexy.

A personalised BRAND WORD CANVAS, that amplifies your message and takes it from average to outstanding

... So that you finally get the recognition you deserve!


... Imagine having the clarity to maximise profits AND being 100% confident about your message.

Nika's never-before-shared PROFIT MAXIMISER CALCULATOR 

... That makes number crunching FUN and exciting, especially if you hate tracking stats!

A WRITING PERSONALITY FLOW MAP, to access your unique brilliance WITH EASE

... Even if writing feels painful (like pulling teeth).

You Get to Amplify Your...

MAGNETIC PRESENCE. Discover your video power switch AND 

... Go from average to sensational in a heartbeat. Fast. Easy. Fun!

VIDEO VIBErs toolkit, it helps you turn tech into fun... and fear into fantastic.

Flex your courage muscles, wear vulnerability with style, video hacks to keep you filming, no matter what comes up. 

Access your PURPOSE, Fully express your magnificent WISDOM & capture your ESSENCE on video.

Create ​your own THOUGHT LEADER videos.

... Powerfully express your greatness during your 1:1 InnerViewing experience. 

Never be lost for words again thanks to the VIDEO CLARITY process. Oh-la-la.


... Lead like a rock star.

Know EXACTLY how to move your audience emotionally to genuinely impact lives so that you can

... Create a ripple effect on humanity with your message.

A Video Pro's guide to capturing natural, heart centred TESTIMONIALS

... That speaks directly to your raving fans, to have clients line up to be on camera and share your awesomeness. 

Clarity about YOU, your brand, your theme, your business, your values, your persona, your voice, your passion + your effortless brilliance.


A SPARKling toolbox full of copy + ideas

... That will be fun + profitable to create, birth + market.

And... You Also Get to Play to Your Heart's Deepest Desires

You’ll also get:

Rare insights into the needs, wants + desires of your special tribe of people who are waiting for you to show up and SPARKLE brighter.

A deep(er) love + understanding for marketing your business effortlessly, with your values intact and intent.

Yep it’s totally possible when you know how to get obsessed with your business.

A strong spiritual connection to your new soul sistar family who love you, support you and cheer for you just the way you are!

 Karen Russo 

 Award-winning author, The Money Keys, and creator of CFO Camp 


I'm smart about my message and my teaching... and still learning when it comes to marketing, tech, and business modeling... (aren't we all?)  

Monika Mundell was the perfect coach for me when I wanted to upgrade my web presence, freshen the copy, get myself focused... and feel happy about it all.  

She's smart, talented, quick and kind. And she KNOWS tech, copy, sales, marketing, and business for expert boutique businesses. A delight!"

I’m ready to get obsessed with my business + my clients because…

I want to know what it’s like to have a profitable FUN business!

And I’m ready to accelerate my business, with more joy and purpose.

 Kate Hore-Lacy 


Monika's a great coach. Breaks down tech nightmares into easy doable chunks. She's a copywriting wizz and has got some great suggestions across all areas of business!  

Here’s what you will experience…

Deluxe accommodation in Adelaide, Australia. 

Our luxe property will blow you away and delight your body, mind and soul

All meals are guaranteed to be mouth watering, delicious and gourmet — lovingly prepared by our very own gorgeous ex-Michelin-star live-in chef John.

All healthy, wholesome meals are included in the retreat!

 Sharon Thomas 


Nika held my hand at a time I was just beginning to break in to taking my business to a virtual next level. She provided me with a storehouse of amazing, self produced tutorials, on how to do just about anything with getting my business on the map virtually. 

She offers an impressive history as a do it yourself entrepreneur who travels the world solely funded from all of her online strategies producing an impressive abundant yearly income from the road.

As a fledgling, Nika instilled confidence in me and helped me become clear on a plan of action to bring my business ideas to the world for profit teaching me how to write kick butt copy and strategize my perfect sales funnel for profitable sales.

To top it off, Nika is full of ambition, enthusiasm, expertise and most if all, Heart & Soul... she is 'real', devoted and working with her is like being bonded like a best friend who is willing to go that extra mile with you.

If you are looking for a coach who is motivating, who will tune in and lead you to your best business vision for profit and do it all while feeling like you are being treated like a friend, I'd recommend Nika as the coach for you!  

Thanks Nika, for helping me flower the seeds of my business pursuits and find a clear road to a business plan I love all through added confidence and juicy profits... you're the Best!! .

You can also look forward to:

Stunning sunsets (weather permitting).

Shared love + laughter, and the indulgence of hanging out with soul sisters.

Plenty of downtime for you to just BE + rest.

Choose to spend those times in quiet reflection in your room, in nature or in the company of your soul sisters. 

Our retreat space offers plenty of room to roam and quiet spots for reflection.

A combination of group and one-on-one sessions with Nika + Sue-Ellen, at the retreat sanctuary.

Experience the power of sistar-hood bonding in a luxe environment, designed to delight your body, mind and soul!

Join our magic sistar community, and discover how to create from inspired action.

You’ll leave exhilarated, with a clear road map and clarity, because of the deep transformations that you’ll experience.

If you are ready to step into your brilliance, claim your spotlight and get massive momentum in your business over 6 days with personalised support and guidance.

This retreat is about you, teaching you how to work efficiently, gain clarity and smash your goals so that you can walk away with actionable results.

You implement and complete at this retreat, whilst having the support you crave.

Give your voice of wisdom, truth and brilliance a chance to come out and play..

Join us for 6 days of where action meets bliss and effortless ease.

Live. Love. Laugh. 
Create the business you always wanted!



You’ll get a “surprise” welcome gift pack that will make your heart sing

... Be sure to leave room in your bag.

Gorgeous SPARKler, before the retreat you will be invited to connect with your SOUL-SISTARS in a private Facebook group.

... Make friends before you meet face to face.

You’ll be encouraged, cheered on and loved by your soul sistars 

... So you can accelerate your entrepreneurial journey fully supported.

You also get 1 x 30-minute (after-retreat) 1:1 Zoom sessions with Nika 

And 1 x 30-minute (after-retreat) 1:1 Zoom sessions with Sue-Ellen

... To ensure you stay on your path and keep creating in the flow. YES!

More client praise and love...


 Julie Lewin 



I spent four hours with Nika and two others in a room in 2012 and two weeks later I made over $40K in profits! Nika is a kick-ass coach and mentor. I love that woman and am one of her biggest fans.

You’ll love her brilliance, her wisdom and her tell-it-like-it-is approach to doing business. 

 Amanda Robbins 


I was one of Monika’s coaching SPARKettes in her 12-month membership program. After just 3 months in her program I made over $12K in profits in a brand new passion business.

I can’t recommend Monika’s expertise highly enough and sing her praises everywhere these days. 

 Amara Hamilton 


I've been a member of your program for the past 6 months. It has been a very stimulating, productive and fun experience. I feel understood in my business and love Monika's perspectives and tweaks, especially in all my writing.

I've co-published a book, finished my website, published an article in a local magazine and am close to completion creating a webinar with all the emails and sales copy.

My sales have nearly doubled compared to last year, and I feel good about finally understanding more about marketing and being able to get it done myself! I've completed a number of things that sat on the back burner and have actually fun doing so!

I love the group of women who are participating: lots of different flavors and all so supportive, talented and generous in offering their support to everyone in the group. It's a great program to finally get things rolling and done with a smile on your face!

Delight your spirit + your bank account!

To get the most from this retreat please show up fully present, with your senses alert and receptive.

You’ll have plenty of downtime to ground your energies, reflect + play.

You will spend 6 days + 6 nights at the retreat

You will depart on _________ from the retreat house if you stay with us. 

Retreat organised transfers to and from airports are included in the retreat price. 

If you HAVE to know what each day brings, this retreat is NOT for you.


Meet your retreat host Nika...

Hi, I’m Monika Mundell (Nika), I’m the Business Alchemist™, and Irresistible Impact Retreat Facilitator for business luminaries who crave more impact, clients and profits, without having to resort to hype and sleazy sales tactics.

I’ve taken coaching clients to tens of thousands of dollars in profits in as little as 3 months (in a brand new business)… helped copywriting clients do multiple 6-figure launches… taught others to write their business copy which made them $40K in as little as 2 weeks… and now I’m going to help you demystify + fine tune your 12-months, profitable FUN business marketing launch plan.

In the 14 years+ I’ve been in business I have helped thousands of clients build better lives, many of which live life on their terms now. In the past 6 years I've facilitated thousands of coaching calls, helping business people like you maximise profits while minimising overwhelm and stress. It is my deepest passion to free as many people as I possibly can from the shackles of a small mindset + help women like you courageously build a business that is fun to market + profitable.

I can show you how to have a business that gets you so obsessed you can’t wait to create + share.

What would it mean for you to have a SPARKling toolbox full of ideas for a new suite of projects and programs that will be fun + profitable to create, birth + market?

What would it mean for you to be able to know exactly what to do for the next 12 months, helping you to stay “in FLOW,” primed to deliver your wisdom with effortless confidence + contagious personality? Well, I know it would mean EVERYTHING to you!

Meet your retreat host Sue-Ellen...

Hi, I'm Sue-Ellen Cordon, I'm a Videographer, Speaker, Media Coach and Filmmaker. I'm also a specialised Video InnerViewer and Irresistible Impact Retreat facilitator.

I've helped clients go from never done Video to speaking confidently on camera. I also help professional speakers who find it awkward speaking on camera; once they work with me their words flow effortlessly and their brilliance is compelling to watch.  This is how audiences connect and reach out to know more.

My video production work has been featured on TV, and I've worked with organisations such as Rotary and Health Partners creating advertising videos and e-learning courses. I work with thought leaders, rebels and difference makers to bring out and capture their greatness on video.

This is profoundly deeply expressive experience, I call Video InnerViewing.
I developed the InnerViewing Experience over the last 20 years from communicating with horses, close friends and strangers on the street. One thing has remained the same, people open up during these private personally sensitive conversations in a vulnerable way..

I give my clients permission to access their own wisdom and share their best version of themselves on video. Clients often say "that was the first time I've shared that with anyone", video is a medium where one can heal through the lens and gain greater clarity about their purpose from this experience.

These style of videos create brand & Business Explosion. You feel supported as you go on a deep dive into who you are, your purpose and vision. helping bring out the content you know you have deep inside you, but sometimes haven't been able to bring it out yet. Sharing your business message with impact, connecting at a higher level of consciousness is possible without feeling awkward or salesy. There is another way, it takes a safe place, courage and vulnerability to show up fully and step into your truest potential. Share your message and be the thought leader and influencer in your industry.

Own your gifts, lead from your truth, guided by your wisdom and trust your intuition. Your time is now to be seen, be heard and highly paid to be you. It's up to you to claim your power. I’m here to support you in showing up fully and blazing the trail you are here to light up, let's dive in.

Meet your retreat host John...

Hi, I’m John Mundell, an international, 5-star hotel & Michelin trained chef. I’ve been retired since 2011, thanks to Nika’s amazing brilliance. I’m Nika’s “CEO” (Chef Energiser & Organiser), and an essential part of Mundell HQ.

I’m excited to make sure that your retreat stay will be one you can draw on for years to come. I’ve got delicious recipes lined up to delight your taste buds + can cater to any dietary needs (make sure you indicate these at the time of booking).

Food is meant to be enjoyed with all of your senses. But what is good food without good wine? And since we’ll be RETREATing during summer, what better way to do that than with some lovely Australian wines to round the palette.

I also make a mean coffee (I’m a trained Barista too), love to dress up as James Bond, am a softie at heart (says wifey), can cater to tea lovers, and those who prefer to drink no alcohol.

I believe in creating a no-pressure environment where you can just let go and BE in FLOW. I can’t wait to tantalise your taste buds.

Here’s what’s included:

Private retreat in Adelaide, Australia. Address will be sent to you prior to the retreat.

Single or twin share room (depending on availability) with shared bathrooms.

All healthy and wholesome meals, tea bar, an Australian selection of wines and coffee.

If you have special dietary needs we will do our best to cater to these, please tell us when you book.

6 full retreat days and 6 nights accommodation.

Group sessions + private 1:1 time with Nika + Sue-Ellen.

Sacred circles, sisterhood + meditations.

Pick up and drop off from international airport in Adelaide.

Free cuddles, because everyone needs them.

The Love Keeps on Flowing...

 Ian Stephens 


Nika, I just want to say you rock! Completing your 6-Hour VIP Day was the best money I spent for my business in a long time!

As a coach and copywriter you offer incredible value for money. Your process caused me to get super focused and organised.

We completed a brand-spanking new sales page and I got really clear on my target audience and program offer.

It was such a smart move to do this intensive session just before I record the program modules.

Thanks to the clarity I got from working with you I know without a doubt that my program will be even better now.

Working with you is so easy.

You’re inspirational and I’m energised beyond what words can describe.

World best-practice in creating kick arse copy that sizzles.

Thank you.

 Louise Plant 


The thing about being an entrepreneur is that we have to do it all. 6 months ago I did not even know the difference between marketing and sales, and then it was sales pages, funnels and launch pages.

Wow, I feel like as soon as I have finished learning one program, method or process there is another bloody one.

Monika has helped me through all these processes and she keeps it simple, little steps at a time.

I grasp one and then it is the next one. I feel like she has supported me all the way without even holding my hand, because there were times when I was in tears and she told me to step it up, take care of myself and start to put myself first. All the dedication and support has all paid off.

Together we have laughed (I cried) and things are really moving forward for me now. I actually feel like it has all come together now. I could have given up, though Monica has helped me to stay on track. Monika Rocks and I love her.

How to A P P L Y

Click any of the BUTTONS on this page.

Fill out the short Application Form on the next page, and we'll be in touch to explore whether you're a fit for the retreat and whether we're a fit for you. 

If you feel called to explore this in more detail by speaking to us, simply complete the form and we'll be in touch.

We’ll set up a time for a relaxed, no-pressure chat and get to know each other more.

If we resonate with each other, you will be provided with a personal invitation from us for the NEXT Irresistible Impact Adelaide Retreat IN APRIL 2019.

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